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Hunter Bay Capital Partners is the trusted advisory firm helping businesses achieve growth and realise maximum value for their shareholders.

Hunter Bay Capital Partners specialise in providing professional advice and services in the following areas.

Capital raising and project specific funding
There are many avenues for raising capital for growing your business. Understanding the benefits and costs of each source of capital is crucial in maximise your business value and minimising equity erosion. Hunter Bay Capital Partners help in:

  • raising funding with banking institutions
  • raising growth capital from Angel investors or Venture Capital or Private Equity
  • raising growth capital from strategic investors

Initial public offering (IPO) on ASX Listing your business on the ASX is a very complex process and finding the right investment banks and underwriters for the float is key to a successful float. Hunter Bay Capital Partners help in:

  • preparing the business for IPO
  • assisting and finding the best advisers to the IPO
  • negotiating service providers fee arrangement
  • project managing the IPO process
Succession Planning and Business Exit
Managing business succession or business exit is very time consuming for business owners. Finding the right advisers to managing this whole process is critical to ensure your business doesn’t suffer as a result of working through such process. Hunter Bay Capital Partners help in:

  • building an appropriate succession plan for the business
  • preparing business for an exit to maximise sale value
  • negotiating for the vendor of the business
  • managing the sale of the business including managing the due diligence process and data room
  • review of sale contract
  • transition of business on exit

Expansion into overseas markets
The overseas markets provide great opportunity to grow your business. However each country has their own unique business culture and regulations, it is paramount to have advisers with the necessary knowledge and skills on your side to help execute your overseas expansion strategy. Hunter Bay Capital Partners help in:

  • identifying overseas distribution partners
  • setting up overseas operations
  • assisting negotiations with overseas partners

Mergers and Joint ventures (JV)
A business merger or a new joint venture may be an appropriate growth strategy, however ensuring the correct structure will maximise value for both parties. Hunter Bay Capital Partners help in:

  • sourcing the appropriate businesses to merger or JV
  • assisting with the negotiation
  • advising on the structure of the merge or JV
  • preparing the business for integration
Business plans and strategic growth plans
Having a clear written business plan helps owners and management focus on what’s important for their business growth and not get distracted on other non core activities. Hunter Bay Capital Partners help in:

  • assisting with preparation of business plans and financial modelling
  • review of business and growth plans
  • assisting with the execution of business and growth plans
Board/shareholder advisory and non-executive director roles
Having independent and experienced advisors or NED involved in your business is the most cost effective and value added extended team for your business. They provide new insights, sounding board and new connections to your business on a real time basis. Hunter Bay Capital Partners help in:

  • providing independent input and guidance to board and business owners
  • introducing new relevant contacts to business owners.

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